ABOUT Delineation & Vision
Vetrya at a glance

The connection is everywhere. It's part of every product, service or human relationship. The network, with its enormous power in terms of technology and speed influences the main changes of the society and the way products and services are brought to market.

Vetrya is an Italian group that can technologically make these changes possible, able to understand innovation and make it functional for the needs of the Customer.

Recognized leader that works in the digital industry, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, design, digital advertising, big data, internet of things, social networking and cloud computing, Vetrya makes technological innovation its strong point.

It promotes the success of customers by introducing innovation throughout the value chain, with a wide range of platforms, cloud computing services and solution for the main telecommunications operators, industrial groups, media companies, publishers, broadcaster, banks, utilities, manufacturing, energy & utilities, financial services, retail and consumer product.

Boasts successful collaborations with important customers and is committed to a continuous process of research and innovation capable of supporting growth and the creation of value within organizations.

Vetrya [VTY.MI] is a company listed on the Alternative Capital Market AIM Italy organized and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange.


"It is a unique opportunity, this one, we can only be delighted. Living in an age as this one, which will be the mother of the future, it does not happen to all generations. "

The speed of the digital change is changing every area of our lives, from work to study, from economy to culture, the way of relating to communication and, unlike other periods of change, this time the effects are worldwide. A radical change occurred faster than any generation that came before us.

All this constant movement of data and identity is born with a precise objective: to put man at the center of all things; at the center of his life.

In the next years, most probably, we will see a kind of doubling of reality, a more and more close integration between real world, physical, concrete, and the digital one virtual, ethereal.

In Vetrya we invest every day to contribute to the growth of this "new world".

We believe that innovation is the key to success when it combines with the ability to match supply to the needs of all markets.

Luca Tomassini
Founder, Chairman and CEO