ABOUT Values


Consider the customer as the main employer, and customer satisfaction as its core value. Be ready to listen to internal and external customers and take steps to anticipate and answer fast to emerging needs.


To participate in the achievement of tangible results and to accept delegation as an opportunity, without referring to management problems that can be solved within your own area of responsibility



To ensure the development of innovative solutions and promote new ways for the improvement of existing processes and systems, in order to strengthen the company's market positioning


Being proactive, anticipating and influencing events. Understanding and developing, even when the signals are weak, the opportunities that arrive in your own scenario and formulate proposals and initiatives to reach your goals



Time is an is an important resource and the optimization of the time impacts on the costs of the provided service and on the chance to make internal and external customers loyal. Meeting needs and problems and handle multiple, sketchy inputs, working out timely and practical solutions.


Working together as a team, minimizing conflict and maximizing the effectiveness of the exchange of information and professional contributions by reference to a common result.



Ensuring ethically correct in enterprise; keeping internal and external relationships that are correct and honest, by favoring the circulation of information.


Developing your competence day by day to encourage responsibility on your personal professional growth in order to contribute to the success.