Company: the Municipality of Cagliari is a public administration body of the Sardinia Region. The organization manages both political and administrative activities with transparency obligations, deeds, documentation and services.


Industry: Public Administration


Country: Italy


Solution: ConsilyApp


Microsoft Technologies:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Sql Database



Customer Goals and Scenario:


The on-going digital revolution is radically altering all sectors, including public administration bodies. The municipality of Cagliari was faced with the need to carry on all governmental and decision-making processes that the administration of a city requires also during the forced condition of remote working.
In this context of change, our client had to be able to guarantee the voting sessions of the city council even remotely and needed a system that, in total safety, would have allowed the verification of attendance and the outcome of the votes.


Main Goals:

  • Implementation of an e-voting system
  • Development of a reliable and transparent app that makes possible to perform administrative functions remotely
  • Native integration with Microsoft Teams to make user experience smooth and secure
  • Automatization of reporting activity from the register of attendance to the final outcome


The solution


ConsilyApp has met exactly the needs of the client.


Since the council sessions have been carried out on Teams, the authentication to the platform and the vote is safe and easy to perform and track.


The application (using Microsoft Graph API) is natively integrated with Teams and it meets all needs, from the setting of the vote to the download of the report (and its outcome).


The application allows the users to identify the motion they are required to vote expressing their favorable or dissenting vote or even abstention.
Moreover, this application is able to calculate the results applying the QUORUM system as stated by the current legislation and it allows to manage all the voting functions of the council.
Vetrya achieved the goal of designing a solution that was able to offer the possibility to participate in the council sessions and to cast a vote by sitting remotely, especially useful in the current pandemic situation.


Customer Benefits


Consilyapp has solved the issues that the customer was facing. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that, since the Council meetings have benen held entirely on Teams, platform authentication and voting have demonstrated safe and easy to run and monitor by facilitating the voting system for all members.