Corona Pass



Company: Informatica Alto Adige is a public-owned inhouse company property of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Consortium of South Tyrolean Municipalities and the Trentino-Alto Adige Region. In accordance with the provisions of Italian law, they offer their services and solutions to public ownership bodies and related participants in the company. Informatica Alto Adige has been offering IT solutions for public administration for over 20 years and they are playing a key role in digitizing public administration for the benefit of citizens and companies.


Industry: IT


Country: Italy


Solution: Corona Pass


Microsoft Technologies:


PaaS of Azure:

  • App Service
  • API Management
  • Front Door
  • Log Analytics Workspace
  • Application Insights



Customer Goals and Scenario:


Informatica Alto Adige needs a validation platform for Digital Green Cards delivered throughout Europe, also called Green Pass, for the province of Bolzano.


The main requirement was to have a solution that would have allowed an effective and safe Green Pass control process.


Main Goals:

  • Provide the province of Bolzano with validation methods of the Digital Green Card delivered by the various states of the European Community
  • Ensure the result of the solution with or without Internet connection
  • Adherence of the solution to the European standard of the Digital Green Card


The Solution:


Corona Pass is a solution that adheres to the specifications of the European Digital Green Card and validates the emission.
This solution operates in distributed mode both in web version, through the most common browsers, and via mobile apps on iOS and Android systems. The user, through the Corona Pass, can quickly show the verifier the validity of its Green Pass. The solution does not store personal data in fact it operates in full compliance with the current legislation on Privacy and European legislation for the processing of personal data and guarantees total security of information. The front-end component of the solution reads the Green Card whose contents are subjected to validation and verification by the back-end component in case of the browser, or the app itself in case of mobile apps.


Customer Benefits:


Corona Pass allows the province of Bolzano to have a fast and innovative system for the management and control of the sanitary situation within the territory for the benefit of the healthcare of all citizens. The solution also guarantees the customer the highest standards of security and the respect for the privacy of the processing of personal data.