Company: Vativision is a company that deals with the distribution of video on demand that offers content such as films, TV series and documentaries related to the Christian themes and values. This company has an international destination and it is aimed at the Christian community and lovers of art and history.


Industry: Media


Country: Italy


Solution: Vativision


Microsoft Technologies:

  • Azure App Service + Azure Functions + Azure CDN
  • Azure SQL Database + Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Storage + Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Media Services
  • Azure App Gateway + API Management
  • Azure DDoS Protection
  • PowerBI + Log Analytics



Imagine if Pope Francis one day decides he wants to spread Christian values and culture all over the world opening a virtual window which could be accessible to everyone. How would he face this challenge?
In today’s society streaming video is power. Starting from this statement, we asked ourselves how spreading a thousand-year old culture and faith could possibly get along with this innovative means of communication. The answer is Vativision: a worldwide video on demand platform based on Microsoft Azure technology.


Vativision has been thought as a personalized version of a Vatican Netflix and it is dedicated to the dissemination of cultural, artistic and religious content inspired to the Christian message. The peculiarity of the platform constitutes an opportunity to spread in the media and communication market the products dedicated to a specific target and to exploit films, tv series and documentaries.


The implementation of the solution it is based on a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform Eclexia, based on Microsoft Azure. Eclexia ( is a complete cloud computing platform for the distribution of live and on demand video on any device, anywhere in the world.


It is a customizable solution, able to adapt to the needs of every customer. It is scalable and completely integrable with third party's software.


In this scenario, Microsoft has ensured the highest levels of cloud service making possible to tackle the challenge presented by the customer and giving him the flexibility to innovate his hybrid environment while operating smoothly and securely.


Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft we had the chance to develop a cloud solution and be able to derive maximum business value, develop innovation and make the most of Azure performance.


Vativision deals with contents that, by their nature, struggle to find space and enhancement on mainstream digital platforms: environment, nature, social commitment, inequalities are some of the most difficult subjects the platform presents not only through the experience of associations and organizations actively involved in these causes, but also through life stories at an international level. In the platform there is also a community where the users can keep always updated and inspired through all the social media channels and the weekly newsletter which gives advice on the contents to be watched with a suggestion for a reflection.


We have made available our solution in multi-devices mode Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Set top box (Apple TV, Google TV), Web AirPlay and Chromecast with the aim to involve this peculiar world in the current digital transformation.