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App Modernization

“Our industry does not respect tradition. What it respects is innovation.”


― Satya Nadella


Have you got legacy applications? Are these applications the obstacle for your next business? Contact us and start to use the real power of Azure.


Have you ever heard about optimizing costs, risks reduction – and results?


Like many organizations, you depend on legacy applications at the core of your operations. But aging software should not derail your business strategy, furthermore it should be no more a CAPital Expenditure.


Vetrya Cloud has the knowledge, experience, and processes to confidently migrate all of your applications to the cloud. By standardization, assessing your software and applying business requirements, we allow us to minimize disruption, reduce costs, and optimize speed. We can also rearchitect, rehost, refactor and apply DevOps practices. In this way, you can optimize the returns on your cloud investment, unleash the power of PaaS and SaaS.


One rule: “No more legacy”


Vetrya Cloud’s application modernization services allow you to take advantage of two migration options:

  1. Lift and shift – Move your business from CAPEX to OPEX. Rehost workloads in the cloud with limited or no changes. Lift and shift enables you to move application workloads and run as-is in the cloud.
  2. Refactoring transformation – Not only a problem of CAPEX. Choose this option to complete transform IT and business processes. Apply DevSecOps to your process, use a modern orchestration, refactor your business with a microservices organization. Expand your mind with an API first approach.

Why do I choose to refactor my workloads?


Starting with DevSecOps, you may improve all your CI/CD pipeline. All our customers see a fast and more secure deployment of all their applications. Agile methodology allows you to change your mind and move you straight forward in a daily innovated world. Unit-testing, architecture best practices, security best practices have no price today, Vetrya Cloud boosts you in this impervious changing path. We can help you get a handle on migration risks, determine which applications you should move and in which order, and predict the value you expect to gain from your migration. We make sure your migration initiative is well planned and designed to meet your unique needs. We help you balance speed of migration against budgetary considerations – all with your business goals in mind.


We keep well in mind what counts: 

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Build apps faster
  • Reduce operational cost


Benefits for moving to the Azure App:

  • Modular and loosely coupled
  • Fully managed services
  • Security first
  • Automatic patching
  • Automatic testing
  • Automatic deploy
  • Automatic feature testing (with a canary approach for instance)
  • Automatic scaling
  • Possibility to change your mind
  • DevSecOps centered