INNOVATION Vetrya Innovation lab
Vetrya Innovation lab
Vetrya interprets innovation by making it functional to the needs of customers.

It is committed in research, development and promotion of solutions and innovatives services related to Big data world, Cloud computing, Mobile communication, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Digital communication, Payment services, Media services and Social media.

The Innovation Lab competence center on Usability and User Experience issues promotes a User Centered design, where the end customer is at the center, to better orient the Group's services offer.

The Vetrya Innovation Lab is constantly committed in the research and design of solutions and services based on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and in particular on the world of 5G.

The new standard for mobile communications is in fact the gateway to the "Internet of Everything", where a real internet of (every) thing can come to life. In addition to traditional devices, objects such as traffic lights, refrigerators, drones, home alarms, thermostats and many others will be connected to the network.

The Innovation Lab services experimentation also extends to the new frontier of Quantum Computing, in order to deepen the Quantum Algorithms potentiality to find solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

The activities are also concentrated on the entire world of video, with particular reference to all live and on demand distribution processes.

Over the years Vetrya has carved out an important space among the "greats" of streaming, also thanks to the launch della prima mobile tv al mondo per TIM in 2003, the design, development and launch of CuboVision (today TIMVision) by the President and Group Chief Executive Officer Luca Tomassini, the presentation of the world's first 5G multi-streaming distribution service for TIM and Qualcomm and the launch of the VatiVision multi-device worldwide streaming service.