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VETRYA and Officina della Comunicazione constitute the VATIVISION company: the new worldwide on demand streaming video service.
VETRYA and Officina della Comunicazione constitute the VATIVISION company: the new worldwide on demand streaming video service.
Luca Tomassini, President and CEO of the Vetrya Group, appointed President of VatiVision.
The service proposes the distribution of videos in on demand multi-device streaming for the use of religious, artistic and cultural contents inspired by the Christian message.

Bergamo, 7 October 2019 - Vetrya [VTY.MI], the leading international group recognized in the development of digital services, cloud computing platforms, application solutions and broadband services, announces the entrance into the new incorporated company VatiVision.


The company will aim to manage the worldwide video distribution service in on demand streaming mode of religious, artistic and cultural contents inspired by the Christian message. The company under Italian law provides for a 25% stake in Vetrya and for the remaining 75% in Officina della Comunicazione company.


The VatiVision service (, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2020, is the result of the same intention that inspired the activity of Officina della Comunicazione, which in the recent years has produced, in collaboration with various Vatican institutions, productions intended for the dissemination of artistic, cultural and religious contents. The platform, which finds positive sharing in its aims by the ecclesiastical institutions with which Officina della Comunicazione has been collaborating for a long time, provides for worldwide distribution with an offer of on demand streaming contents, in order to spread Christian themes and values with modern tools and languages optimising to the maximum the distribution efficiency in multi-device mode: web, smartphone, tablet, connect tv, game console, set top box.


The Vetrya technology platform of video distribution will be Eclexia, recently recognized by the prestigious US magazine CIO Applications as one of the 10 best platforms in the world for Media solutions and services, Entertainment & Business Transformation.


The Vetrya business model will be based on the development of the entire VatiVision distribution platform and all related activities (applications, maintenance fees, content delivery network, cloud computing) and the variable components, with a revenue share ratio linked to the content sales. The editorial and business management will be entrusted to the new company VatiVision. Many agreements and partnership requests with the current distribution platforms managed by telecommunications operators and OTTV.


Luca Tomassini, formerly President and CEO of the Vetrya Group, was appointed President of VatiVision: “I am very proud to be able to lead the company that will manage the VatiVision service. As Vetrya we have always been sured that the platforms linked to the world of video represent an extraordinary opportunity, capable of changing traditional distribution models. With VatiVision we turn to a target audience that have been neglected up until now and we are aiming to achieve important results, both for the quality and originality of the contents and for the worldwide distribution, with a potential audience of one billion and 300 million people of Catholic faith. I am particularly pleased to collaborate with Officina della Comunicazione, center of undisputed competence in publishing and movie production, to develop this opportunity in the cultural and religious sphere, giving rise to a new reality of excellence”.


The new CEOs of the company Nicola Salvi and Elisabetta Sola, formerly Directors of Officina della Comunicazione, added: "We are pleased to undertake this challenging project together with Vetrya, which is not only an excellence in technology, but also a high and industrial/managerial reference model and that will be the added value to propose to the public contents that currently are difficult to find both on traditional channels and within the other online platforms. Following the sensitivity and knowledge that Officina della Comunicazione has gained over the years in the field of religious documentary, we strongly believe that this service can contribute to further spreading the Christian message with contents of great value and narrative depth".