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Vetrya S.p.A. Press release - 06 April 2016
VETRYA: started the listing process on the AIM business, introduced the project to the Italian Stock Exchange Spa.
The partners meeting deliberated an increase of capital in the operation service.
In 2015 the operation value was 37 million of euro (CAGR 2010/2015: + 154%) for the leading company recognized in the digital services and broadband platforms.

Vetrya, leader recognized in the field of broadband platforms for the distribution of multimedia contents and digital value-added service, started the listing process and presented the project to the Italian Stock Exchange on the AIM, the business dedicated to the small and medium Italian companies with high growth potential, organized and handled by Italian Stock Exchange Spa.

Still today, the partners meeting deliberated a capital increase up until a maximum of 30% at the operation listing service.
Furthermore, the meeting deliberated a second increase of the share capital to service the issue of warrant.

Also, the meeting appointed a new Management Board for the exercises 2016/2018. The engineer Oscar Cicchetti, currently President and CEO of INWIT, group of Telecom Italia, was appointed the Independent advisor.

In 2015 the Company recorded a production value of 37 million of euro, after the fifth year of significant increase, starting from € 354.000 in 2010 - year of foundation– and recording in 2015 with a CAGR 2010/2015 greater than 154% and an EBITDA 2015 of 5 million of euro.

The listing project fits into this context to accelerate the growth process by the development of business core trough an international expansion. The platforms developed internally with revenue stream from broadband services, m-commerce, digital advertising, smart mobile hub distribution, second screen platform, and OTTV distribution, can be extended to other internationals business.

The transactions advisors are Finnat bank as a Nomad and Global Coordinator, Ambromobiliare as a financial consultant, the Grimaldi's law firm for the legal issues and PricewaterhouseCoopers as auditing company.

Luca Tomassini, founder, President and CEO of Vetrya group declared: "2015 was a year of important development of the Group. The results of this growth comes from the uniqueness of the offer and from the recognized leadership on the business. Our capacity to understand innovation making it functional to Customer needs is our strenght and our peculiarity".