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VETRYA: The Corporate Campus of Orvieto is expanding and it is also presenting new services available to the community.
VETRYA: The Corporate Campus of Orvieto is expanding and it is also presenting new services available to the community. An innovative formula, in 3500 square meters, that extends Vetrya's philosophy to the interaction between people and technology. Among the spaces: areas dedicated to the industry 4.0, artificial intelligence applications, smart agriculture, a sharing space for students, digital education for the elderly and a digital “detoxification” path.

Orvieto, November 14, 2017 - Vetrya [VTY.MI], an Italian group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and recognized leader in the development of digital services, applications and broadband solutions, announces the expansion of its Corporate Campus in Umbria, with areas and services open to the public as well.


The new structure is an innovative formula of integration and sharing of Vetrya's experience and entrepreneurial philosophy with the local community.


These spaces (3,500 square meters) integrate the Vetrya Corporate Campus (already equipped with green areas, a sports center, dedicated spaces to leisure and university education) with functional areas reserved to people’s interaction, lifestyles and digital technologies:



  • Vetrya sharing: an area of digital sharing and contamination of digital culture, dedicated to innovation and training with digital tools, where both high school and university students will be hosted free of charge, having free access to library services, high speed internet and support’s services for the development of entrepreneurial projects


  • Vetrya Next: a dedicated area for innovative applications and services based on artificial intelligence for students and clients, where the future of the network is developed;


  • Vetrya smart agriculture: an external area dedicated to the development of the Internet of Things for agriculture and, in particular, to applications for wine-growing, olive groves, plantations, etc.;


  • Vetrya industry 4.0: a dedicated area for the development of application and platforms for the industry 4.0;


  • Vetrya senior training: a dedicated area for literacy and digital training for older people, to make them aware of the use of the services offered by the web;


  • Vetrya digital detox: an area that involves guests in a “detoxifying” path, characterised by the absence of internet connection and the obligation not to approach smartphones or any device connected to the network;


  • Vetrya cafe: a refreshment point for employees and guests of the vetrya corporate campus;


  • Vetrya demo hall: an area featuring all the innovative services of the Vetrya group, including augmented reality, applications and services based on artificial intelligence, cloud computing platforms, etc.;


  • Vetrya shop: a real shop dedicated to Vetrya’s merchandising



Luca Tomassini, Chairman and CEO of Vetrya Group, expressed his satisfaction: "The Corporate Campus expansion, consistent with Vetrya's philosophy since its inception, has the goal of cultivating talents and creating attractive working conditions because, in order to achieve value, valuable people are needed. With the opening of the new spaces we are going to realise another project that we have strongly wanted and we are proud of: an innovative enterprise open to the city, a meeting point to answer to the broader thematic related to the evolution of the relationship between people and digital technologies. "