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Orvieto, 16th March 2018
VETRYA was named National Winner for international expansion at the European Business Awards

Orvieto, 16th March 2018 – Vetrya, Italian company quoted on the Stock Exchange and a well-known leader in the development of digital services, apps and broadband solutions, was awarded as National Winner the European Business Awards "Germany Trade & Invest for International Expansion".


The group led by Luca Tomassini was awarded at an exclusive event organized from Borsa Italiana in Milan.


Vetrya was the best company in its category of international expansion and - together with the other ten Italian winners, selected by an independent jury including senior business leaders, politicians and academics - will continue to represent Italy in the final stage of the competition at the European Business Awards Gala in Warsaw, Poland, in May.


"This award makes us proud and represents a clear recognize to our international expansion, which differentiate Vetrya increasingly " - commented Luca Tomassini, founder and President of Vetrya - "The potential innovation and creativity has always been a distinctive feature of our country and it is our pride to be able to export it over the world".


 The European Business Award, celebrates its 11th edition, was designed to promote the development of a stronger and more successful business community across Europe. Last year it collaborated with over 33,000 companies in 34 Countries. Sponsors and partners include RSM, ELITE, Germany Trade & Investe PR Newswire.