SOLUTION PLATFORM Digital video event (Hybrid Set)
Video streaming broadband and webcasting
Eclexia Hybrid Set is an innovative solution able to support any type of event allowing one or more speakers to meet a virtual audience who assists online through the main social networks and Eclexia players on dedicated websites.

Our Eclexia Hybrid Events use numerous CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, guaranteeing stable and fast connections.

The direction supervises and coordinates the participants, who intervene from real or virtual sets, from home or from the office or from our television studio, which can be completely customized thanks to green screen technology. Our large limbo also allows the use of two Tracking Camera for events with many spaced apart subjects or for a large object.

A complete platform for streaming live broadband production at the service of events, conferences, debates, forums and training. Hybrid Set is a module of the Eclexia video distribution platform, considered among the top 10 platforms in the world according to the American magazine CIO (