SOLUTION PLATFORM Artificial intelligence (Epikall)
Cognitive services and more
Epikall is the Vetrya platform of cognitive services based on artificial intelligence.

A cloud computing solution to favor a natural and contextual interaction with tools to make the user experience better by using artificial intelligence based on machine learning. Epikall uses powerful algorithms of artificial intelligence for applications in every field, such as vision, speech synthesis, language and knowledge.

A powerful suite of cognitive services capable of developing new interaction models, such as real-time image processing (face recognition, emotion, typology), speech synthesis (spooken language processing, feelings and arguments evaluating, recognizing desires of users), knowledge (associating information and complex data to perform tasks such as creating in activities such as creating smart tips and semantic search) and much more.

Discover epikall platform and its application fields, such as ChatBot (the application that can simulate a smart conversation with the user on a chat).

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