PSD2 is the last directive issued by the European Parliament. Its objective is to facilitate the creation of new tools and player on the market. In order to enable a better offering, both qualitative and economic, into the European market of the digital payments, the European Parliament issued the Directive n. 2366, also known as PSD2.


The introduction of the PSD2 by the Council of the European Union, will expand the competitive space allowing new market player, with important and positive consequences for customers.


The well-established market of the European banks will have to open to allow safe data sharing and innovative payment methods.


Vetrya, present on the digital payment market since its constitution, with a particular focus on the mobile solutions, has developed the DPAY2 platform compliant with the PSD2 technology, with the use of APIs enabling to connect financial institutions and fintech. DPAY2 has already been implemented into the Wonda mobile hub platform.


DPAY2 offers several business opportunities to banks, depending on the model they want to adopt (B2B and/or B2C) and on the data gathered on external sources. The DPAY2 solution provides for three different blocks:

data provider, data enrichment, data processing.


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