We offer end to end services to improve the user experience, design and user interface development for any device and on any operating system.

We produce multi-channel contents, with particular reference to mobile games and video for digital channels and interactive television.

We develop children animation property that are characterized by excellent graphics quality, animation and for screenplays, result of marketing research that identify and respond to the needs of the target audience.

We strongly believe in the network, as an open system. The distribution of multimedia contents is a new media, which cannot be tackled, editorially and commercially, as those that came first.


We do not believe in "standard" models to be applied to any project. We are convinced that there is a method that can be imposed to govern it. Development process can be summarized in four phases: understanding, designing, planning and evaluating. Through these models we make real what is born from a simple idea.


We offer multimedia production services able to address all features of full interactivity of the digital world. We produce interactive animation property for children, starting with the creation, screenwriting, animation and concluding with the international distribution.