The digital transformation consists in redesigning its business offer to make it

more competitive and more responsive to its market expectations due to digital technologies.


Vetrya is able to respond to this need through the development of business strategies, processes and technologies of digital economy. Our Customers get innovative results by making use of new information combinations, business resources and technology. 


 For the digital business success, critical strategic choices that recognize the centrality of the Customer in the business model are essentials. In other words, the understanding of the difference between what is possible and what is profitable in order to generate value. This is Vetrya digital consulting service model. 


Through our business capabilities, technology and strategy operations we are able to create value for our Customers. We develop new business models and implement operating ones to improve productivity and foster growth. 


By year 2020, the digital economy will increase by 25% and will be directly proportional to the investments adapted by individual economies. We help our Customers to deal with the transition to the digital world in order to become more competitive and productive.