Mobile devices are more and more important in the consumers’ daily lives.
The diffusion of alternative payment methods different from cash, is one of the main market segments that will grow significantly in the coming years.

Vetrya has platforms able to provide multi-channel payment solutions (credit cards, phone credits, PtoP transfer, dedicated payment circuits) for the delivery of mobile payment services applied to goods and services (m-commerce, m-ticketing).

A part from the platform dedicated to phone credit (digital pay) Vetrya provides Gateway Provider services, Payment Gateway and Service Provider.


Suite of services and platforms that, exploiting the available technologies on smartphones, enable customized and contextualized payment services. Mobile POS, contactless NFC, mobile couponing able to support contextual and geo-localized offers for upselling and crosselling strategies.


Platforms to ensure the provision of value added services (VAS) with payment of premium content on telephone credit. Through digitalpay platforms and wonda Mobile hub, we guarantee end-to-end services for the digital marketing services market.