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product web site
multi screen video distribution platform
An end-to-end platform for the distribution of live and on-demand videos from any source and on any device.
product web site
second screen platform
The second screen platform for services and applications.
It allows you to automatically synchronize the online transmission and contextualize it in an interactive environment.
product web site
SBUDY5 Program allows you to submit your innovative project that exploits the potential of 5G technology.
corporate campus web site
quartier generale del gruppo vetrya
corporate campus
A 7,000 square meters campus dedicated to Vetrya Group companies, with green areas, a sport center, dedicated places for leisure, work cafe, tech shop and university education, in the name of environmental sustainability, research and innovation.
vetrya academy web site
official web site
vetrya academy
Developing and disseminating new competences, contaminating the different knowledge, involving new talents and spreading on a strategic path of a digital transformation with the goal of creating new professional figures dedicated to the technological and business innovation: these are the objectives of Vetrya Academy.
platform service web site
digital signage services
VILAST is Vetrya's Digital Signage solution. Safe. Reliable. Available anytime, anywhere. Based on Microsoft Azure cloud computing technologies, it easily integrates with corporate communication systems (portals, intranets, extranets) and it can be used by communication and marketing managers without any training.
VialPay is an interconnected platform with numerous telecommunications operators capable of guaranteeing online payments based on telephone credit. It offers users a simple, safe and fast way to pay without the need for a credit card or bank account. It allows partners to easily sell digital content and services to their users globally.
platform service web site
artificial intelligence cognitive services
Epikall is the platform of vetrya cognitive services based on the artificial intelligence. A solution in cloud computing able to promote a natural and contextual interaction with tools to improve users experiences using the artificial intelligence based on machine learning
consumer WEB SITE
vetrya store
The unmistakable combination of beauty and technology typical of Vetrya’s Brand characterizes its official merchandising products. Exclusive collections include items with unique shades, produced with care, combining handcrafted tradition, inimitable design, technology and materials which born from a boundless passion for excellence.
PJ20 Tracer
The solution for contact tracking in the business and professional field. A platform dedicated to all companies that allows contact tracing both in the post-emergency Covid-19 management phases and for the future.
Digital design
vetrya on
Vetrya On is the creative agency of the Vetrya Group. Communication strategies, UI / UX design, digital strategy, social media management, SEO, content design, video production, 3D print and much more.