With Sbudy5 we innovate the services of the future
5G is the new mobile telecommunications network. Not a simple evolution of current networks, but a new standard that allows the introduction and development of new generation services and applications.

Speed (which can exceed 10 Gbps), reliability ("mission critical" services) and very low latency (the response time will drop to 1-10 ms) will open up new connectivity scenarios by responding to the needs of new services models such as 'IoT (Internet of things).
The use of millimeter waves (over 24 GHz) and the new antennas in Massive MIMO technology (Massive Multiple Input, Multiple Output) will increase the capacity of the cell, increasing its transmission speed (throughput) and improving radio conditions.
The Sbudy5® platform is a suite of services that allows you to use all the new 5G network potentialities. Sbudy5 is also a program that allows you to submit innovative projects that exploit the potentialities of 5G technology.

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