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We apply the best Marketing strategies to Mobile.

Mobile Marketing is a way to promote products or services via mobile devices: thanks to this mode, target consumers access personalized content, contextualized in time and space, which promote certain products, services or ideas.

Our mobile marketing is also used in drive to store campaigns, which push people to go to a physical store. Mobile is the only device that can cover the entire sales cycle, even estimating the impact on in-store sales.

Whether the goal is to increase brand visibility or improve customer engagement, a business marketing campaign should always include mobile marketing, today more than ever. That of mobile has now become a real record in the digital world: the use on the move has clearly outclassed that from the desktop.

Vetrya manages multi-channel marketing campaigns, effectively covering all the distribution of messages:
SMS, multi platform messaging, push, In-Apps Ads, Gaming Ads, QR-Code, Mobile Banner, Proximity Marketing.


Mobile Marketing.

One of the best and most affordable strategies.

Hand touching to virtual artificial intelligence with cloud technology transformation and

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