VialPay Mobile Payment

Blockchain Direct Carrier Billing.

Infinite shopping possibilities with telephone credit.

VialPay®  is the DigitalPay® platform for digital payments based on Blockchain Direct Carrier Billing.

Interconnected with numerous telecommunications operators, it is able to guarantee digital payments based on telephone credit, both from mobile and fixed networks.

It offers users a simple, safe and fast way to pay without the need for a credit card or bank account.

It allows partners to easily sell digital content and services to their users, globally.


Pay everywhere.

One of the most advanced and innovative payment ecosystems

to support mobile and fixed users.

Hand touching to virtual artificial intelligence with cloud technology transformation and

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Are you a mobile or fixed telecommunications operator? 

Are you a partner who needs to sell their services and products online?

Start monetizing with VialPay now. Digital payments that guarantee the best security in the world, combined with a simple user experience and the most advanced blockchain technology direct carrier billing of the Vetrya international service center.  


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